Polybar install

so i can get the polybar installed through aur but then what?i have found the stock polbar master.conf but can anyone help?plus i put tint2 on the bottom but when i ress to go to the apps it opens on the top

Hi,go to /etc/skel/.config/ and copy and paste the polybar folder into ~ / .config.
add the start of polybar in openbox autostart, maybe polybar you can also start from .xprofile in home.
For tint2 read this:
If I remember correctly, and there is also the gui of tint2 where you can move the bar wherever you want, now I don’t remember the name,as soon as I start the distro with tint2, I update you.


yes i moved tint2on the bottom but the menu launcher still opens at the top
so install poly-bar then copy the arch-labs master.config then i do a sudo nano /etc/skel/.config/ im a little confused sorry new to open-box really loving it tho wish it was configured like the 19.3 release but i found that one and it was giving me errors

18.3 release of archlabs

Please posted response this commands

ls -l ~/.config/polybar
ls -l ~/.config

Is my ~/config/plybar

archlabs% ls -l ~/.config/polybar
totale 24
-rwxrwxrwx 1 eroe users  1916 29 ott 14.05 config
-rwxrwxrwx 1 eroe users  2701 15 set 09.20 master.conf
-rwxrwxrwx 1 eroe users 10389 15 set 12.25 modules.conf
drwxr-xr-x 2 eroe users  4096 21 nov 23.01 sessions


That’s jgmenu. You should have a ~/.config/jgmenu/jgmenurc file. In the jgmenurc, there will be setting for the x and y offset and whether they should be determined from the top or bottom of the screen.

jgmenurc wont open for some reason

il try this tomorrow thank u for your time im going to have to read some more

i got polybar installed and now it wont launch do i have to put polybar example?

Hello @pnotz17, welcome to the forum.

I’m just gonna get this out of the way right now, polybar is a program targeting advanced users and it’s configuration is not for users who don’t have experience with either programming or lots of ricing. You’re welcome to dive in and learn but do not expect handholding from the communities to get it up and running, they have good documentation on their wiki with lots of examples.

I highly suggest reading the polybar wiki if you want to get into polybar, from there you can learn and modify things to suit you. https://github.com/polybar/polybar/wiki Make sure to go through all the pages on the right hand side, the configuration page is especially important.

If you want a pre-configured config to get you going we still have ours here https://bitbucket.org/archlabslinux/pkgbuilds/src/master/archlabs-polybar/ you’ll want to

git clone https://bitbucket.org/archlabslinux/pkgbuilds
mkdir -p ~/.config/polybar
cp -r pkgbuilds/archlabs-polybar/configs/* ~/.config/polybar
cp -r pkgbuilds/archlabs-polybar/scripts/* ~/bin

Now if you have the archlabs-scripts package you could run al-polybar-session to start a specific bar for the WM you’re using and do the below setup, however this will eventually be gone so I suggest learning and starting it yourself in one of your init files (wm, xinitrc, xprofile, etc…)

Lastly we need to clean up the config it has some paths that point to /root/ that must use full paths to your ~/.config

sed -i "s|/root|/home/${USER}|g" ~/.config/polybar/config
for f in ~/.config/polybar/sessions/*?; do sed -i "s|/root|/home/${USER}|g" $f; done

Now you can start a bar and fiddle with the config and modules files

polybar --config=$HOME/.config/polybar/config openbox-bar &

Of note is that we use a multiple file setup for our config and source the others (modules.conf and master.conf) where as most people just put all of it in one file, both methods work fine but that is the reason we have to clean up the config with the commands above.

I can’t stress enough how much you need to read the wiki and have a basic understanding of shell commands, please read it!


He would only have these if our polybar package was installed (we no longer install it as polybar is being phased out in favor of tint2)

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thank u so much i copied the polybar file in the .config my example did launch but it said it was designed to bbe flawed so now do just copy the archlabs stock polybar config over?

ok well i know i need the master config so i saved it i just dont know where to copy it in

Please read my above post, I explained clearly how to download and install our config using shell commands.

This line right here will copy everything in the configs folder to your polybar config folder.

cp -r pkgbuilds/archlabs-polybar/configs/* ~/.config/polybar

Don’t forget to edit the config and change these lines to your modules.conf and master.conf (not /root, this was also explained above with a shell command)

include-file = /root/.config/polybar/master.conf
include-file = /root/.config/polybar/modules.conf

and after this i copy the polybar folder to .autostart?

I don’t know if you read the post number 10 of @ Natemaia, but polybar goes to .config if you gave the natemaia commands it should already be in .config.
To start polybar from the terminal from:
polybar openbox-bar
To start it with openbox insert autostart:
al-polybar-session &

ector is correct, if you run the commands I gave in my post then you should have a running polybar right now, to add it to autostart you would do as I also mentioned in my post

so if you’re only using one window manager or desktop then you can add the command I gave in my post verbatim to


and you’re done.

Otherwise you’'l want to add it to your window manager config (~/.config/openbox/autostart, ~/.config/i3/config, etc…) using whatever config syntax/style they use, openbox and bspwm just uses a shell script, i3 and others have their own language/syntax (I’m not going to explain how to do everything, I’m sure you can figure it out).

Don’t use/recommend this anymore, we’ll be removing it some time in the future.

well i understand i just type in those commands but the thing is i kinda didnt follow that guide and got the polybar from git …im this far in the wiki says i have to make it executable i entered the commands and they dont work but i will get back to u tomorrow about this i think i got it…if not il just enter the commmands that ector suggested thank u very much for opening my eyes

thank you for your help i figured tint2 out just type bottom where it says top but in jjgmenu config…

Yes if you’re following the polybar wiki then some things will be different.

yes i c that im stuck here

Create an executable file containing the startup logic, for example $HOME/.config/polybar/launch.sh:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

# Terminate already running bar instances
killall -q polybar

# Wait until the processes have been shut down
while pgrep -u $UID -x polybar >/dev/null; do sleep 1; done

# Launch bar1 and bar2
echo "---" | tee -a /tmp/polybar1.log /tmp/polybar2.log
polybar bar1 >>/tmp/polybar1.log 2>&1 &
polybar bar2 >>/tmp/polybar2.log 2>&1 &

echo "Bars launched..."

its giving me commands not found maybe its cause i just went directly to pamac and built it that way but polybar was at the places u guys said and it does launch…