Polybar Hide System Tray with Keystroke

Hey all, have a odd one today. I use Private Internet Access and their native Linux app runs as a system tray icon. Unfortunately, without utilizing OpenVPN, there are no other ways to configure PIA’s app without accessing it in the system tray. Polybar and system tray apps don’t get along very well and is a bit of an eye sore. I had a thought whether it would be possible to hide and unhide the system tray based on a keystroke. Essentially a bindsym that could control the visibility of system tray. Any thoughts on how I might achieve something like this? Thanks guys!

I don 't know of anyway to unhide a system tray or panel with a keystroke.

Easiest way for this I think would be to disable the polybar system tray and go with a native tray application like stalonetray or trayer. Pretty sure both of those have autohide options.

Stalonetray works great! I’m sure I can bindsym the launch command. Thanks!

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