Polybar & Dropbox?

Anybody found a solution to replace the dropbox tray icon in polybar? I’ve found this thread/script which looks interesting (scroll down in comments a bit):

Yeah, I saw that and posted here. I haven’t tried it as yet. You could use either trayer, or a small xfce4-panel w/ just indicators.

Have you seen this https://github.com/x70b1/polybar-scripts/tree/master/polybar-scripts/isrunning-dropbox?

I haven’t tested it yet, but it looks like a good start.

If it works, maybe it’s possible to put the box icon in polybar so it looks good.

Anyways, just wanted to revive this thread because from what I’ve been looking there isn’t any great integration available out there.

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@tgomes95 That’s a nifty find, I hadn’t seen that before. Thanx

Dropbox will be ending support for all file systems in Linux except Ext4 in November. Not sure if that’s part of a plan to exclude Linux altogether eventually or not.

Wow… I didn’t know that. = /

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You must be joking, right?

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Not at all. See here.

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@anon37345411 , thx for the link, well, they ll have linux slowly & surely on the end.

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