Polybar CPU temp not working!

Can anyone help me to get my CPU temp to work with my Polybar?
its sitting in 30c and it doesn’t ramp up or down.

Have you already used the search function and read through similar threads like this one?

For that matter I still have the same ‘bug’ I had described in the other thread.

thank you for your help but that didn’t help.
I install lm_sensors but I don’t know how to configure in the module settings

Did you read the second post in that thread?

Just try and play with the thermal zone setting?
Otherwise you can find a lot of information about the configuration of polybar online.

will do and thank you!

Setting up the correct theraml-zone and full path to the sensor will fix the issue; note the two commands for determining those. One issue is that kernel upgrades will reset/reassign hwmon; usually spot it because the temperature won’t change like you expect. Usually can fix that by using those commands to determine the new hwmon path.

Get the zones with

ls /sys/class/hwmon