Polybar configs and my first gitlab

Well, I’ve decided to take the next step. I just wanted to share my little path with you. I’m leaving small goals and so I’m moving forward. This time I have encouraged myself to make a Gitlab account and share my small configurations. I think I was already prepared for this. I created it a few days ago, but today I added the files
If you have any advice to set up my account, I’m all ears. I pass the link. Wallpaper from @pippo in Custom

Thanks Family!!


I do not know if maybe I’m asking too much, but an image of your configuration would be welcome.
As long as it’s possible.

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Good call @ector

Edit; Top work @Negata . Keep it on.

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Nice work - and that reminds me, I too need to do the same :slight_smile:

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Good stuff. Looks good too.

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I’m trying to add the images in gitlab

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You need to host the image somewhere then post the link like this in your readme.md


Thanks @Dobbie03!! It’s done


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