Polybar clipit module

Hello everyone. I’m looking for a clipboard that I can use with the polybar. before I used the clipit that worked great with the openbox and tint2, it would be very good if I could access the same program from polybar.

Using the latest version of archlabs i3 w polybar
Thank you guys

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From what I can see there isn’t a polybar module available. I use greenclip with Rofi. I invoke Rofi with:

rofi -modi "clipboard:greenclip print" -show clipboard -run-command '{cmd}'

I use xfce4-clipman which is pretty handy. It sticks in your systray in polybar/tint2.

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Can this be converted to a custom action for polybar? Should be able to use that in a script that launches when clicking on a polybar icon.

More than likely, just a custom module with the right or left click to invoke that particular format for greenclip/rofi

Maybe this might work:

type = custom/script
exec = echo " "
click-left = rofi -modi "clipboard:greenclip print" -show clipboard -run-command '{cmd}'
click-right =
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. installed xfce4-clipman-plugin and nothing happens, I did not find the module to configure in polybar.
. executing “rofi -modi “clipboard:greenclip print” -show clipboard -run-command ‘{cmd}’” shows an empty clip in rofi, with nothing to do.

still using i3 wm with polybar