Polybar Bug

Once again a previously know bug with Polybar and Nodejs, more specifically, the file “libjsoncpp.so.19,” not being found. This causes Polybar to fail, and often you will not see an error, unless you try to load polybar manually, from the CLI.

There is an intermediate work around to fix this, which involves creating a symlink from the libjsoncpp.so file, and naming it, libjsoncpp.so.19. After the symlink has been created, simply refresh your desktop or reboot, and Polybar should reappear.

The correct fix involves rebuilding the ArchLABS Polybar package against the new version of nodejs. We should see this pushed out in the very near future.


i removed archlabs-polybar and i installed this package by this cmd : yaourt polybar and install the package named polybar only, it will ask you to remove the archlabs-polybar do it and it should work fine when you reboot

@redaadaou While this certainly is a solution, it does not solve the bug, for the ArchLABS package. I would caution the use of package substitutions, as well, because some distro support forums will not provide help for subtle changes like that.


yeah that is true . i think the last updates caused it

@nate, not sure if you’re aware of this.

Thanks @AvnSgt for the temp fix.

so if I do not update nodejs for the moment, I will not get the bug, is that correct?


To temporarily avoid this bug, you would need to add the following to the package ignore line of “/etc/pacman.conf”:


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Nate has rebuilt polybar, so an update should be all you need.

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Chalked up to fixed, until jsoncpp and nodejs cause problems again. lol