Polybar always turned off [SOLVED]

When I power on my laptop I always need to turn on Polybar manually!
Can someone please tell me where you can set that to turn on automaticly?

What do you mean by Polybar always turned off, do you use Openbox !

Yes I use OpenBox in first weeks of ArchLabs use there was no problem, but now i always have to turn it on myself

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Ok, updates all done ! with no issues as well.

Also, their should be an openbox autostart file, not on my ArchLabs install right now.

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Did it worked mate ! If so please mark it as solved & what did you do to fix it @Osprey

polybar was in openbox autostart file - like this-

start panel

sleep 1; al-polybar-session &

  • and i have always everything updated
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That s a good thing, Please mark it as solved, might help other members in the future.

Glad it could help you.

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