Polybar - A new poweroff button

That’s why I am not playing with polybar power button! Lol It would be my luck I would have written a lot of script without saving and accidentally hitting the stupid button! Lol Sorry, couldn’t resist, I always had a problem those stupid buttons. :grin:

I knew when I changed I would hit it but I sort of waited until I did that. Only did it twice, but that was enough.

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With my stupid button, i can poweroff my laptop with one click instead of 3 clicks with Openbox menu, lol. But i’m not a script man :yum:

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Well with a laptop, having a power button would be ideal. But, for those of us who have a desktop, not so much. We would want to either do a restart or leave on the CPU but turn off the display. You may want to be careful that you don’t hit your power button by mistake, obviously.

I think you are right, it is better to use the menu click-left = rofr.sh -l for “I click everywhere” users! :rofl:
But I’m the only user on my laptop, so i keep my stupid button for me only.:wink:
The Polybar is very cool, you can do what you want!

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That’s a good thing. :joy: I think I will stay with the menu though, otherwise my computer may take unwanted flying lessons! :joy:

I eventually changed it to use the Rofi Logout but since then I have done away with Polybar completely.