[poll] Would you allow to collect anonymous system info?


I’m working on the cloud services for my game, to store results and compare with other players. As the game is an open source project, it will not collect any sensitive data, as player’s real name, email and so on. What I really need is just the player name (nick), their password (md5-encrypted) and scores. However, it would be cool to know also OS name, release and language (like Linux 5.0.3-arch1-1-ARCH pl_PL).

My question is: would you find sending and collection of such data acceptable?

  • Yes, no problem.
  • No unnecessary data collection!

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Bump! Anyone else, please? Sorry for bothering you, but I need to make a decision. :slight_smile:

I wouldn t mind these: but I m no gamer, just an opinion here:

OS name , release and language

Edit: As you stated above

Yep, nothing personal inside, just to know some details for further development, as missing translations. But I know how much Linux users happen to be privacy-centered / obsessed.

lol, you bet !

Just a suggestion if you don t mind: I would put a 3rd option in your Poll: I would add some selective Data Collection so to speak. Just an idea .

Well, all the 3 informations are anonymous, so I’d prefer just a Y/N answer. To be honest: I’m about to give up on collecting any data. This way I’ll avoid adding another window and asking the player if they agree or not. :slight_smile:

lol, you re the boss in this mate, lets see what will happen.

Nothing, as always. Thankfully I’m coding this just for fun and Alzheimer’s prophylaxis. :wink:

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Cool ! Coding just for fun, the nice part of it.