Polkit question

Forgive my ignorance on this topic. What is the difference between polkit-gnome and polkit-1 and why would I want one over the other?

UPDATE: Ok, I think I understand this. A desktop environment would use something like the gnome version and am I to assume that a Window Manager would simply use polkit-1?

I have no answer to this. I use gnome-polkit and I use a wm and it works fins so I don’t know.

The polkit-gnome package provides the graphical authentication agent, which is the password prompt for GUIs that need to use pkexec. The polkit package only provides pkttyagent, which a command line only fallback.


Thanks HoaS! I kinda come to that much later after I posted the question but wasn’t quite sure since I always installed the Gnome package. My supposition came with the use of pamac etc. but never really put much thought into why I was always installing it.

FWIW I use lxpolkit… which works in my simple brain. On arch, you need to install lxsession to get lxpolkit on Debian you can install lxpolkit as a single app…

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There’s a lxpolkit pkg in AUR, lxpolkit-git

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