I installed a poker game from the AUR called PokerTH been playing it for a week great for boredom.
Free to play , play against the machine , play on line with tables of 10 players.

I had to resize the screen as 1980x1200 is the max screen size which I think is a good idea.
– i3wm–

bindsym $mod+t exec --no-startup-id pokerth

for_window [instance="pokerth"] floating enable resize set 1980px 1200px

Aur pokerth-1.1.2-18

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I really really suck at poker. Blackjack, I rule.

Me da same shit but one day Vegas will be mine. Sound like you need the practise rock on over. :sunglasses:

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How do you play BJ? You count cards?

Why so you can take my money? Only strippers do that, and I haven’t been to a strip club in 10 years.

For fun or killing time, it’s OK. Don’t use it to develop your Poker skills.

I just work the dealer. It’s like being at bat facing a pitcher, that’s how I play.

lol I don’t think they would take off much gear for this money it only game money. :eyes: