Point release 2018.5.1 install issue in VirtualBox

I was able to get the install to start by creating a new virtual disk and not changing any of the default settings (no PAE/NX acceleration, no additional video RAM, etc.) This seemed to resolve it, not sure why. Anyway, thanks. Really liking this disto.

I can’t install the latest point release (2018.5.1) in VirtualBox 5.2.12. I can boot the live medium, but the installer doesn’t start and keyboard seems to be dead. The previous release, 2018.5, installs fine–I’m running it now. I’m on MacBook Pro Touchbar (13,3).


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VirtualBox is a fickle beast isn’t it?

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You win Understatement of the Week Award.


Yay! I have never won anything before, what do I get?

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Now, that is an impressive trophy. Thank you, I humbly accept this award on behalf of all the understaters out there on the www.

This should be fixed now, You will need to grab a fresh iso from SF.

Thank you for posting the issue @ddriggs

EDIT: After doing some more testing it seems to still be an issue, not sure what the deal is but not sure its to do with AL specific settings, seems to be disabling PAE/NX at least leaves the system responsive


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