Please Have A Look at These Links Before Installing AL


As stated in title , check the changelog before installing, there s some usefull info in there:

As well as this link:

Arch install fails on "grub ... --target-i386-pc" , and boots into a grub prompt
Baph Error 200 Response

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Thank you @altman


No problem @Dobbie03 . Wonder how many look at the How Tos before installing some iso installs, I know I haven t looked at them much in the past. ! lol


That is a question for the ages.


lol, yep old farts don t need these right ! lol

Remember when assembling scaled models when younger, never much looked at the instructions in the beginnings, but slowly look at them as time went on.


I don’t often read instructions for assembling stuff. Its admitting defeat if you do! :smiley:


lol, you bet @Dobbie03


Read the manual. If EVERYTHING else fails.


lol, yep it s what suppose to happen, but rarely do right!lol

One s gotta work a little bit in order to learn something whatever the field.