Playing with the installer script

Not sure where to ask this - if it needs to be moved please feel free. I have been playing with the installer script with the aim to have it install the programs that I always install on each new set up. This is for my personal installs as it wouldn’t be appropriate for everyone. Is there a specific spot in the script where I can add or remove programs? Some of them will be in the official packages and some from the AUR. I tried just adding them to the “select_packages” section but that didn’t seem to work. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Can’t answer the whole question, but AFAIK, the AL installer won’t install from AUR.


That is my understanding as well.

@thecomputerholic - there are package lists beginning around line 50 of the script. I think those are what you’re looking for.

Also, at the end of the installer, there is an option to run a command post install. It’s my understanding you can run pacman post install to add packages that were not available on the list.

If you (anyone) want to create a custom iso, you can use this build script. There is a packages.x86_64 file there that can be edited. I created an iso with sway a while back. You just need a working Arch[Labs] installation to use the script.


If it doesn’t do programs from the AUR I can always run another script after install and use paru to install --needed type thingie.

Will definitely try this. Thanks!

Try to create a pkg list which contains the pkgs you need. Something like, pkg.list


Store it somewhere in the cloud. Modify the script, at the end of the script, add,

wget/curl/git/whatever the_place_in_cloud/pkg.list
cat pkg.list | baph -i -

That’s basically what I was saying except I’ll probably store the list locally. I like baph but tend to use paru for more complicated stuff.

baph is part of AL installation. That’s the reason (not 100% sure, pls verify it yourself)