PlagueOS -


Hardened Void musl build

From the dev -

PlagueOS aims at minimal architecture and killing off classes of exploitation that are inherent to modern desktop environments.

The aim of the OS is to function as a restricted, minimalist hypervisor (host) that runs virtual machines (guests). The guests on top will vary based on the desired utility. For daily use, it is advised to run Whonix (tor routed) or Kicksecure (clearnet). Normal tasks are meant to be conducted inside of the guests rather than the host to ensure the host stays clean with minimal attack surf

Interesting looking project; apparently an option to install sway as the window manager.


Looks very interesting indeed.

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Are Linux desktops really that big of attack surfaces if they aren’t always connected to the internet with ports exposed and if you don’t visit adult websites or something of that nature. I’d say not. These kinds of projects are cool though for people doing research who need to maintain anonymity.

I do think full disk encryption is a very important for anybody that has a laptop that could be stolen that has sensitive data related to ones identity.

Edit: it seems like Plagues mission statement could be more accurate on the server setting or for the likes of TAILS type users.


If you can run several anonymized VM’s on it, I would think it could be used as an attack surface.

True, but still will be much harder to break host system or other guests.

Qubes is already there. :+1: