Pictures say more than words

Just discovered “Imgur”, nice picture sharing tool.

How do you do it when you want to post “pictures”?

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Guess that it s on the top left that says New Post .

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I am aware that you don’t have much time to deal with a new forum participant, but…,

To be honest, I don’t really understand your post…

New post?

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Oh, on Imgur s own page @volkmannold .

No worries, plenty of time for newer members. I should ve posted its link above.

From its own link page on top left: Wonder if one needs to have an account in order to post pic also, that I don t know boss.

I’ve used Imgur for many many years. Personally I just direct upload to the forum for sharing screenshots but I do it rarely and the files are tiny (3-500kb).

It s what I do, I download straight into the forum & adjust the pic s size to 50%.

The “New Post” button upper left of the page opens a new page where you can drag-and-drop images or video. I don’t think you need to be a member to post. There are memberships for the sight to be add free.

Not sure what to do when you want to share your imgur image with friends or post to a form.

Imgur has a getting started page.

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Thx for the explanations & link @PackRat I wasn t shure how to get a pic into imgur, never posted any into this one if I remember well.

i only know imgur since today, i wanted to save a screenshot of a price history for leigh, archlabs suggested me to save the image on imgur, so i immediately went through the registration marathon.

Ergo, a forum member / archlabs is the reason I got to know imgur

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Ok makes sense.

Also have this one for you to upload pics,guess that it s also recommended by ArchLabs if I remember well if you want to try this one also, always good to have several choices , one choose the one he/she likes most;

you see what i meen ?

Oh, nice job @volkmannold

even at the age of 62, there are still many things that can be done.

Yesterday I turned 70!


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You bet sir, 57 here & still mostly learn every day.

I already thought that when I first came into contact with archlabs,
the makers of the forum and distro come from a small island in the tasman sea and have a lot of time to teach us :slight_smile:

please don’t take it too seriously, it’s nice and late here and the “makers” are just getting up…

@volkmannold - with the mouse over the image, you get that “Copy link” option. Select the “…” and you’ll get the options for posting the image in a forum like this, or reddit. Then the image shows, not just the link.

and that’s all I know about imgur.

lol, no worries @volkmannold , I m in canada & we mostly have lot s of hour differences between members, so it might take a bit in order to have an answer .

Crass, congratulations, I can’t imagine such a high age for myself.
my grandmother turned 92

if you have breakfast, i have lunch, dobbi03 has supper. If we only had coffee time and tea time, we would have all the “world’s” meals at the same time :slight_smile: