PHP 7-ncurses Libraries

Hi Everyone - I’m brand new here to Archlabs (I’ve been using Fedora for the past 14 years (a few as a Fedora Ambassador) but wanted to try a new distro and a little challenge for a new PC I just got (Thinkpad X1 Carbon) …

I love Archlabs and am using I3 (which I was also using on Fedora) … I can find answers to most of my questions from this forum and the internet … except for this one:

I am a PHP programmer and have installed PHP7 (the latest) on archlabs - very easy and no real problems. However, I use PHP to program ncurses interfaces (did you know you could do that? Most PHP programmers don’t realize that there is a library for ncurses development). I have written several server monitoring apps for myself in php/ncurses … however, when I go to install the libraries on Archlabs, I can’t seem to find all the components in the various repos (Here’s a walk-through from stackoverflow: )

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don’t want to go back to Fedora as I really like the interface/the feel/ the arch-ness and all the other stuff of Archlabs …



(P.S. Also thanks for the great forum - I’ve been able to answer most of my other questions just by searching the Archlab forum)


Have you searched the AUR? In pacli you can start with selection 21 and search php-ncurses

Hopefully that is the one you need.

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Well, why didn’t I think of that!!! Thanks … It did install php-ncurses.

For some reason it will run certain programs of mine but I’m getting segmentation errors when running others. Not sure if this is a php error or a problem with the archlab repo. I’ll have to look into it … but thanks so much for the pointer!

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