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Phone Screenshot Thread

I’m guessing most people who post here probably customise their phones as well?

If you do post the screenshots here.

Remember to share your details please.

I recently traded my iPhone in for a Samsung Note 9. Back on Android. This is my home screen. Basic as can be.

Nova Launcher
Simpax Icons
wallpaper from the Resplash app which pulls from Unsplash.
The weather widget is the default Samsung one.


I took this photo 2 years ago, and normally use it on the lock screen, but there’s no way to take a screenshot there.

LG6, default launcher, default icons.

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Default is sometimes the best :smiley:

I wasted too much time on android and now I treat it dismissively. :wink:

I have too, so many hours on custom ROM’s and customising everything. I’m happy with the homescreen being the extent of my customisation.

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I still receive Developer Newsletter, but stopped reading it. :smiley:

I’m still on XDA and it’s a good forum to keep up with the changes.

So am I, but needed 4 attempts to guess the password. :smiley:

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I usually root my devices, I did with my Samsung Galaxy s3 tablet, but I’m hesitant to do so on my s8+ due to possibly only letting device to 80% if modified in that way. I am using super P launcher. I am also on XDA where I get some awesome ideas and news when dealing with Android devices.


I had an S8+ that I rooted. I didn’t gain much from it so that’s why I’m not bothering now.

The wallpaper is battery-friendly, indeed. :smiley:


Does an Android 4.4 tablet count? Intel inside, I swear!

Ahhh the good old days.

I would have broken it long time ago, while trying to install Arch, but it’s still the best device to play my “One more cheese”. No phone compares to it.

Nice! What tablet is it?

This subreddit /r/androidthemes has some cool shit happening.

Tolino Tab 8". Some German online bookstore used to sell them as e-book readers. :smiley:

Very cool. I remember the heady days of Android 4.

Unfortunately there’s never been any custom ROM created for this niche device.