Philosophical Overdose

I usually watch a lot of those, so i thought someone else might enjoy these some philosophical entertainment as well… Please feel free to post anything thought provoking man :sunglasses:

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lol, I would put this thread into the General section ,just saying.

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But General is not only AL related?

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lol, no worries . Not to my knowledge, as of now.

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Hope the “Off Topic” serves it well :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

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Yep, might do the trick

Oh, don’t worry — I’m not a moderator here, although I do seem to have some super-secret mod-like powers that I am trying my best not to abuse.

And in respect of the whole “are we in a simulation” debate the obvious question is what kind of twisted **** would deliberately create a universe as arbitrarily cruel and hopeless as this? (With apologies to any religious readers…)

EDIT: some old-school philosophy:


Thanks for letting me know that dear fellow, now i feel safe and know that the power to mod is in the right hands :sweat_smile:

Exactly man, it’s tough to believe that some more advanced species, or even worse, some deity, would have such a kind of absurd creativity (all due respect to religious people) to formulate such a human mess and such an absurd world like ours. I love Russell’s take on that, but i love even more Albert Camus and his “Absurd Philosophy” :hear_no_evil:

It’s really cool actually, and part of the way which i see the world:

Now coming back to the question “Do we live in simulation?”, i think it’s very unlikely… But as a good philosophy junkie, every time i watch the movie “Matrix”, or read some science fiction book on this, i realize that the “Simulation” doesn’t even need to be so complex, it can only consist in a bunch of lies (stories) that our culture sells us as solid truths and which shapes our perception of what is “real”. But, would this be just another story that i telling myself to believe? lol


Some thoughts on Procrastination

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Jason Silva on The Human Condition

Nietzsche and the Death of God by Hubert Dreyfus

Being in the World (Documentary)

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The Limits Of Science @ Het Denkgelag

Political Theory - Adam Smith and Karl Marx

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On The State of Philosophy and Critical Thinking

Humanity at The Crossroads by Sheldon Solomon

A 97yo Philosopher reflecting about Life and Death

@Beast Thanks for this injection. Brian Greene does an amazing job of bringing deep insights physicists have about our universe to us mere mortals bogged down by the daily grind to even contemplate these things.

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Really glad you liked @leo00, and I couldn’t agree more with you man, Greene has this gift of explaining complex stuff in very simple ways to the public. Also agree that we need a bit of contemplation and deep thinking in our rat’s race lives, coz if we don’t, we become some kind of mindless automaton sort of being. :robot:

But, i might be wrong…:sweat_smile: