PeppermintOS (Debian base) Release

The new, non-Ubuntu based PeppermintOS has just been released…


Thx for sharing

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I didn’t realise PeppermintOS was still a thing.

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Have never used it

Seems to be a nice little debian distro. It looks like it is being setup to be quasi-rolling with debian stable + testing. It’s fast and light with a few small issues (typos, etc.). FWIW. I have a single user space running with xfce4, dwm, i3wm.

The lead developer passed away. Development slowed while the remaining devs decided on a path forward.

It’s always been a good distro. Curious mix and match - like using Nemo instead of Thunar on their Xfce desktop - that they manage to get working.


Here’s a Forbes writeup: Linux Distro Peppermint 11 Out Now, Ditches Ubuntu For Debian

Here’s another ‘tidbit’, they’re also re-basing (expanding to include?) a Devuan based release.