Pcmanfm' strangeness

I use ArchLabs-dARK theme witch I like very much but pcmanfm doesn’t in icons and thumbnails view mode as we can see at the bottom-right there is some strange curves … so I have to use the detailed view mode instead :angry: Any suggestions ?

I’ve experienced this as well. I put it down to a quirk of pcmanfm.

So what graphic file manager do you use Dobbie?
I use also terminal file managers like ranger or nnn but sometimes when I get lazy…:innocent:

I just use Thunar. Seems the most capable out of all of them.

This is the gtk3 version of pcmanfm correct?

Pretty sure the original doesn’t have this as it’s a newer gtk feature.

Does it behave differently if you run an xsettings daemon and specify your theme there?

No, just simple pcmanfm… I have tried different file-managers and same phenomen, not a big deal really.

string value is already present in xsettings config, but I have to say that I have an other machine running ArchLabs with nvidia nouveau driver too and I don’t have any issue on the appearance side.