Pcmanfm 'operation not supported'

As a rule I personally hardly ever use a file manager [only when I am being really lazy!].

ArchBang ships with pcmanfm and recently getting comments that automounting or showing devices is not working.

Added lxsession and run lxpolkit (autostarted). But this has not really helped. Volume management is set in preferences but still getting error.

Am starting to think I may need to switch to using Thunar.

Does anyone use pcmanfm? Do I need to add user to a group? Or will I have more luck using Thunar instead?

Or is there another graphical lightweight file manager that I could use?

Mr Green


I’ve used pcmanfm and I really like it but I prefer Thunar.

As far as automounting goes, gvfs and udisks2 are installed?

I see SpaceFM is abandoned but there is an active fork.

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Got gvfs and udisks2 let me fire up thunar see if it works better, am concerned at how large it is!

pacdep thunar
extra/thunar              6.29 MiB ( 13.56 MiB)
Exclusive dependencies:   7.26 MiB
Shared dependencies:    561.61 MiB
Total dependencies:     568.87 MiB (575.16 MiB)

Thanks Matt…

Well Thunar seems to work right out of the box, added thunar-volman and locally it works fine. Just got to test with live iso.

Thanks again Matt :wink:

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Put the user in group “wheel” and add the following udisks rules in /etc/polkit-1/rules.d/50-default.rules

polkit.addAdminRule(function(action, subject) {
    return ["unix-group:wheel"];

polkit.addRule(function(action, subject) {
        if (action.id.indexOf("org.freedesktop.udisks") == 0) {
                return polkit.Result.YES;



@chroot will give it a go, live user is in wheel groups (for sudo).

Certainly works, with thunar too…