PCmanFM open terminal here from context menu

Pretty much the same as the Open As Root. Navigate to ~/.local/share/file-manager/actions/

Create a new file called terminal.desktop

Open that newly created file in your favourite editor and post the following:

[Desktop Entry]
Tooltip=Open Terminal
Name=Open Terminal

[X-Action-Profile profile-one]
Exec=termite -w %f
Name=Default profile

Edit the Exec section to whatever your preferred terminal app is.

killall pcmanfm

Reopen PCmanFM and boom, open terminal here.

Failing that, use F4 :slight_smile:

You switched to PCmanFM full time now?

For now, though I will probably go back to Thunar eventually.

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I know the feeling, once you get used to something and like it, it’s hard to switch

Yup Thunar had a recent update and has been super unreliable. Crashing and freezing a lot. Thought I’d take PCmanFM for a spin for a few weeks.

Hmmm, I have not had issues with thunar even after updating. I like thunar a lot and probably will not change. Change is hard on us old folks anyway! :joy: I wonder if some of your settings may be the culprit for the crashes, just a thought.

When maximizing the Thunar cuts a portion of the visualization


After about 6 clicks to close he returns normal.

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Well my thunar, when in root mode, will not allow my icons to show. But it does show the text. I’m guessing that thunar may have a bug that causes some of the issues. But I like thunar the best, even with its strange behaviors that show up. Yours is an interesting situation. I’m reading up on PCmanFM though to see if it works better and yet still have the functionality I want. @m.rogers it looks as if yours has a window trying to open up within your thunar or a dialogue box perhaps?

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It freezes when it does, sometimes I try to maximize and it will not, just closing and reopening.

But this is not today, an example …

Sometimes the FF browser stays the same, but I keep going …

So I use SpaceFM as an alternative.

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PCManFM as Root

Add new file called root.desktop in ~/.local/share/file-manager/actions/

Save these lines into the file.

[Desktop Entry]
Tooltip=Abrir PCmanFM Root
Name=Open Folder As Root

[X-Action-Profile profile-zero]
Exec=/usr/bin/gksudo /usr/bin/pcmanfm %u
Name=Default profile

*Tooltip: replace with the name of your preference
*Replace gksudo with another of your choice


Is the icon theme you are using in /usr/share/icons/? If it isn’t you’ll probably either have some ugly generic icons or none at all.


I have already taken care of that awhile ago. Yes, I did put them in /usr/share/icons/ which solved my issue. Just a bonehead error on my part. But, yep I did solve that issue, just forgot to mention it on the forum. So much going on that if it were possible, I would forget my brain in the jar that I put in every night. Speaking of which, where did I put it…

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Reason you can’t find it is because your brain is in there.

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Oh! I was wondering what the problem was!:joy:

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