Anyone remebers this one? Used to be the go-to distro many years ago. RPM-based system, but uses apt as pkg manager.

I tried it about a year after release. I broke it a few times lulz. I had this version on one of my old lappys:



That looks like a GNOME 2.x.

Yeah it was so easy to theme GNOME like it back then, add a shitload of red and a Lamborghini and it’s ASUS ROG.

“Hey you can pin an app on a taskbar?” shit.

This stuff was way better than XP. Windows XP UI was something you woke up to with lesions all over your dick but had to live with. PC Linux OS was the Zorin back then. Just look at the UI. Win XP was so ugly that when it came out with the Zune theme, it made XP way better.

The GNOME desktop was dope then, but you could replicate PC Linux OS in any iteration of Linux. But it doesn’t mean it does not work. Distro hoppers chase shit like they are women. They have no idea or reason why they chase shit because everyone else is chasing the same anime girl.

How many hours have you spent configuring a panel or a bar?

More than you have in a challenging conversation.

Linux can be more complicated because you either want it to be, need it to be, or are just bored enough to live with it.

The funny thing is when I was working tech shows in San Francisco in 1991, what everyone was selling was simplicity and usability. The machines back then were faster than the network. Today, the network, or the machines don’t matter as they did in 1991. Modern technology is about shaping the individual into everything that is nontraditional, it’s constant pushing by the second, it’s rapid, it’s in constant tension. The hardware is light as a feather now. But faster, denser, and now bloodstream.