Password resets for all accounts after installation with acpi=off

I have problems with my new HP Pavilion TG01-2856no, where I can’t boot up any Linux distribution if I don’t use the kernel boot option acpi=off.
I installed ArchLabs with that option, had no problems during the installation. But after booting into the new system, my passwords that I had set had reset for both root and normal users, meaning I can’t use it. What could be causing this?

Does this happen every reboot or just after install?

I’m really stumped as to why it would change things but I suspect it’s not related to the acpi option, because you can’t boot otherwise I’m guessing it would be the same problem regardless.

It happens every reboot. I even reset my password from a Live CD and chrooting into the install

I don’t think it’s related to the acpi kernel option. Seems related to the init systems used in distros (don’t know why since I don’t have the hardware to test). The only init system which works properly on this pc is openrc. This leaves your options to,

gentoo, devuan, artix, and maybe alpine.

I noticed that you filed a bug report against Arch. Curious to see how they respond.

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Gentoo works, Devuan works (atleast with sysvinit and OpenRC), Artix actually gets stuck on loading the Artix-live module, but I’m not sure if there is a command line install without the live environment. Alpine I have yet to try, and I don’t know much about it, so I’ll give it a try.

Yes, Artix has a cli installer, similar to Arch.

Why not? What happens when you try? What does the systemd journal record during a failed boot?

Journalctl logs from NixOS: SystemD journal — ImgBB

Ah, yes, so this is you then:

Any chance of a link to the actual text files? I can’t use grep on a PNG :wink:

Sorry, I can’t get the actual file. But I have narrowed the issue down to ACPI. All distros that I’ve tried with pci=noacpi or acpi=off work normally.

Interesting. So what was the root cause? You booted w/ acpi/off and the system didn’t work before.

pci=noacpi is more consistent, works with more distros than acpi=off. Don’t really know why, but the cause of all my problems is some ACPI problems with my computer

What brand of computer?

My Toshiba laptop has a proprietary toshiba_acpi that I have to disable to get it running properly with Linux. Mainly to get xbacklight and similar applications to run. Doesn’t cause any problem with botting up ad I recall.

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HP, specifically a HP Pavilion TG01-2586no