Papirus Grey

Fork of the Papirus icon set to greyscale - papirus Grey

Wanted to try a flat greyscale icon set in dark jgmenu and found a fork of Papirus:


LOL I recently removed them from my system during my tidying up of earlier on in the week.

Thanks for the share though.

Do you use a different (any) monochrome/greyscale icon set?

I’m always on the lookout for one.

So far every theme I have ties in nicely with the ArchLabs icons so I haven’t really investigated. Other than using ACYL I’m not sure sorry.

How do I install this guy? Or where do I unzip the archive to?

You can unzip your icon pack into home directory under .icons

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Those look badass, will give it a try and see.


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I have found that jgmenu works better if you unpack the icon set and then move them to /usr/share/icons.

I get some issues with icons in my ~/.icons displaying properly in jgmenu. I don’t know if that is a jgmenu bug or (more likely) a Void Linux issue with my systems.

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Well, I know from one system to the next you get strange behaviors that are affected by how a system is set up. Putting the icon pack into ~/.icons does work for my system and may work on others. For some /usr/share/icons would work. Perhaps putting them in both locations will ensure implementation of the icon pack maybe a better solution.

I put mine in /usr/share/icons/ so that way when you run thunar or whatever as root you have consistent icons :slight_smile:

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