Papirus Dark Icons and old releases

The latest updates seem to break the papirus dark icon theme, with Icons now using the xfce icons no matter if I change the theme to archlabs dark. Also, I’ve been wanting a release older than 2018 i.e. 2017.12; the main site says to contact devs but there was no email provided and this is not a bug so I went here instead of bitbucket. Can someone shed light on the icon breakage/if this is a known problem, and provide iso or torrent links for old builds? If it matters the reason I want the older release is to extract backgrounds and for nostalgia by running in a virtual machine without updating (obviously the rolling release nature of arch would overwrite the older files)

Install the proper Papirus iconset and see if that fixes the issue. The AL icons are super out of date.


The problem is that xfce 4.16 that was just released changed the icon names in the /use/share/applications .desktop files for xfce apps. Now they’re all org.xfce.thunar or something like that.

So basically all icon sets are broke for xfce 4.16 apps unless they symlink the old icons to the new names and update the icon cache for the set.

Papirus will probably fix this soon if they haven’t already but xfce 4.16 was just released and it’s also been the holidays.

I’ve been fixing this on my personal icon set yeticons but haven’t committed the changes yet.


I just looked at the recent commits on papirus GitHub and looks like they’ve been fixing it. You should try their master branch like @Dobbie03 recommended.

Papirus is fine over here. I use xfce4 for all gtk themes and all is okay

Here’s the 2017.12 iso

It’s been a long time since I’ve tried an older iso but I think you’ll find it’s largely broken and we’ve since moved away from copying the iso for this very reason. The wallpapers, configs, and everything else related to AL are all available through our git repos so you can always get old things from there.

At any rate, have fun.

The latest commits to papirus fix all the new xfce 4.16 issues. I just updated the yeticons papirus submodule and it all went back to normal.

If the old al-themes inherit app icons from papirus proper with them of course installed at the latest version things should look fairly kosher.