Pamac issues

Well - not sure if this was intended for creating AUR packages but I do have a question.
Recently (perhaps since December of 2019) I started seeing freeze-up when I have pamac-aur installed. More frequently, when I run pamac - Yes, I know there are other AUR helpers but I do like the visual since more often than not, I use it just for pursuing the repos.

So, I’m just wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same. Since I don’t use it often and until recently, had it reinstalled again - I thought I would ask here before going off the deep end and digging further (and to be honest, I would rather not, lol).

See ya in a bit!

I see no side effects of having pamac installed, and I use it frequently, especially for browsing dependencies. On the other hand - pamac seems to be messy still more and more. Happens to freeze for no reason. During compilation there appear numerous warnings (unused variables - oh really?). It seems the code got out of control.


That seems like a logical cause. Good (but not good) I thought that I was loosing my mind there.
I have off loaded it again. I tried installing pakku but seems to fail when installing nim.

I seem to recall AL used to use Octopi (I could be wrong tho) I might give that a whirl.

For just installing/uninstalling packages CLI helpers are more than enough. I wish someone wrote a good GUI to browse dependencies.

[edit] sounds like a challenge!


Interesting thread (warning) on the Endevour forum about pamac. It’s supposed to be fixed just a few days back.
Had it updated today and the issues appears to still be there (at least on my system)

Nothing beats Yay or Baph personally.


I like baph, yay and pamac. Lately pamac-aur crashes quite regularly on AL. I have no idea why. Perhaps it’s a personal problem… :wink: