Has anyone used pacui on archlabs (AL)? I find it most useful on manjaro… are there other decent ‘similar’ options for AL?


I personally don’t use anything that. I just update just using pacman.

Same over here, I often find using terminal easier than using GUI.

baph -u seems to do the trick as well as pacman… :wink:

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I have taken to building AUR packages properly. When I am lazy yay has been my go to.

What exactly do you find useful about it?

The problem with using front-ends for pacman is that they introduce the possibility of new bugs, especially when the front-end in question is a three thousand line (!) bash script.

I am lazy, Matt… :wink: I like that it provides a bunch of options. I’ll probably just build a zenity dialog with my pacman commands for use…

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Most of the time I actually find it easier than using yay :smiley:
Weird as it sounds. Have a look at this, it’s pretty cool. It’s called Cylon and has no issues to speak of. I use “yay” for my AUR needs most of the time, and pacman for the rest, but when I want a change of scenery or when I get lazy, I play with this thing a bit. The program is menu-based and also written in bash.

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