Pacman what am I missing?

I just finished installing ArchLabs with the Plasma desktop and when I go to add a few programs using sudo pacman -S they can’t be found. Im assuming at this point that I need AUR enabled? I’m use to using Pacam to enable it, Flatpak, and Snap and then using Konsole to search and install what I want. Since Pacam is broken till the Pacman dev or Pamac dev addresses the issue I’m going to have to get AUR, Flatpak, and Snap up and running from the command line. I honestly wouldn’t even know where to begin to do that. Some help please. Thanks

baph AUR helper is built in, use that.


Thanks, greatly appreciated. Working like a charm.

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The docs page is fairly out of date (though not incorrect) so I’d check the man page with man baph or baph -h
it also gives some examples and more options. Lemme know if you run into any issues.


So far so good with baph. The one link @SqdnGunny posted seem to have what I need in it.