pacman: http2.c:498: drain_this: La declaración `httpc->drain_total >= data->state.drain' no se cumple.


I try to update my system with pacman but I get this error:
pacman: http2.c:498: drain_this: La declaración `httpc->drain_total >= data->state.drain’ no se cumple.
help pls


Yea I’ve had the same issue, rebooting and removing the database lock allowed me to update once but after I get the same issue. Wait for an update to pacman I suppose


Got the same error today.
Is this the same thing and is it actually a curl issue?
If yes, then 7.64.0-8 from testing apparently solves the issue…


Guess I m gonna wait in order to update.


More than likely, though mine happened even though my connection was fine (at least at face value)


Like Nate I just removed the lock and rebooted, ran an update and all was good.


So I suppose curl got updated as well then, right?


Yea curl was bumped as well, was only a couple days so no biggie.


Good news, thx @natemaia


I did not work, I tried it when I saw the error


sudo rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck

Do that then reboot. Fixes the issue.