Pacman does not display

When I click on pacman icon, a black window open 1 second.then go off. It is impossible to get pacman…

What pacman icon? Where are you clicking this icon? Is this something you have added yourself?

@Dobbie03 I think, it is the pamac icon.


@Dobbie03 or that. :slight_smile: Normally i dont use pamac, but for this case here, i installed pamac and try to open it. It appears for a half second then goes black and then disappears. Thats the reason, that i think it is a pamac issue.

Got ya. Have you run pamac from from the terminal?

@Dobbie03 When i start it from terminal there is all fine. I have updated now, reboot my pc and now try to start pamac per tray icon and now it is all fine. Strange. But i think we have to wait, what @popeye have to say. It was his issue.( i hope you understand my “fucked up” english :smiley: )

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I have reinstall AL. It’s ok.

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