Pacman dependency conflict with x264

recently i cant update anymore and even the pacli “fix-error” options doesnt seem to help…
so before i dive deeper into this problem maybe seomeone can give me already a hint… whats happend here:

i get the following error when i do an “pacman -Syu”

:: Synchronizing package databases... core 131.4 KiB 3.47M/s 00:00 [----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] 100% extra 1644.4 KiB 18.5M/s 00:00 [----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] 100% community 4.5 MiB 18.4M/s 00:00 [----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] 100% multilib 171.7 KiB 8.38M/s 00:00 [----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] 100% archlabs_repo 13.0 KiB 0.00B/s 00:00 [----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] 100% :: Starting full system upgrade... :: Replace ca-certificates-cacert with core/ca-certificates? [Y/n] Y :: Replace libx264 with extra/x264? [Y/n] n :: Replace packer-io with community/packer? [Y/n] Y resolving dependencies... looking for conflicting packages... :: x264 and libx264 are in conflict. Remove libx264? [y/N] y error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies) :: removing libx264 breaks dependency '' required by ffmpeg-full

so whats happend with these packages above? any help appreciated :wink:

I was taking a peek and I found this thread on Reddit that seems to talk about what you are talking about.

pacman -Rns ffmpeg-full libx264
pacman -Scc
pacman -Syu
pacman -S x264 ffmpeg 

ffmpeg-full has not existed for quite a while (in Arch time), it relies on libx264, which has been replaced by x264 this is what you could call a ‘complex dependency chain’ and pacman was unable to handle automatically.

You either:

  • have not updated in a very long time (not recommended)
  • have installed an old iso and are attempting to update it (also not really recommended)


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both assumptions are wrong, updates are running usually 3-4 times a week…not sure why i installed this package but thanks to dependencys i cant uninstall that easy: if i do an
pacman -Rns ffmpeg-full libx264

i get

:: electron: removing ffmpeg-full breaks dependency 'ffmpeg' :: firefox: removing ffmpeg-full breaks dependency 'ffmpeg' :: java-openjfx: removing ffmpeg-full breaks dependency 'ffmpeg' :: obs-studio: removing ffmpeg-full breaks dependency 'ffmpeg' :: opal: removing libx264 breaks dependency 'libx264' :: vlc: removing ffmpeg-full breaks dependency 'ffmpeg'

I’m not sure how this even happened then if you update that often

I would remove all the dependencies until you can remove them then re-install.