Pacman Commands/Tricks & Tips

Please add anything that can be helpful.

Here s something that can be of some help to users;


This one can also be of some help;

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Good work at @altman.

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Appreciated @Dobbie03

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Thx, was wondering where to put this thread, you got the answer @Dobbie03 .

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Commands that I always use after every times that I use AL in terminal ;

sudo pacman -Scc
sudo pacman -Syu

Edited as per @Head_on_a_Stick recommandations.

Not the best guide, the first and second commands it lists are absolutely contra-indicated and can break Arch-based systems.


Thx for the warning @Head_on_a_Stick . Edited as well.

Also thx for the link provided.

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Sorry altman, I didn’t mean that pacman -Syyu was a bad idea. I was referring to pacman -Sy without the -u option added at the same time, which is known as a “partial upgrade” and can cause problems if a package is installed afterwards before a full upgrade is performed.

The pacman -Syyu command won’t break your system (unless the upgrade pulls in a new package with a bug), it just hits the Arch mirrors unnecessarily.

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Hey cool, so if a package has a bug, will it be updated anyways !

Like there s no package that I know of on Arch like apt-listbugs in Debian, as it can lead to some issues of some sort, even bad updates.

No, there isn’t. Arch-based users are the guinea pigs for new bugs — thanks for testing! :grin:

You can check the Arch forums for any new problems that might crop up, users tend to report them pretty quickly.


Thx for the comeback @Head_on_a_Stick , it s an Hit &Miss case ! lol

Yep, should watch the Arch forum more often for issues I think.

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