Packages 'not found'?

The pcmciautils package has been a message since first boot.
But today I received more. follows is the output after running aurman -S tuxtype I was installing it for my daughter when I noticed this:

~~ the following packages are neither in known repos nor in the aur
:: archlabs-yaourt-1.9-1
:: pcmciautils-018-7
:: archlabs-package-query-1.9-3
:: archlabs-jgmenu-0.8-1
:: archlabs-pacli-0.9.9-2
:: archlabs-downgrade-6.0.0-1
~~ the following installed packages are found at new locations
:: archlabs-yaourt        moved from archlabs_repo repo to not known
:: archlabs-package-query moved from archlabs_repo repo to not known
:: archlabs-jgmenu        moved from archlabs_repo repo to not known
:: archlabs-pacli         moved from archlabs_repo repo to not known
:: archlabs-downgrade     moved from archlabs_repo repo to not known
?? Do you acknowledge the new locations of the mentioned packages? N/y:

I acknowledged it with yes, I believe. Though it’s been a little while so now I can’t remember. I hope I didn’t break anything.

I get the gist of what it’s saying, but if someone could explain this message better, and what to do about it properly, so I know for the future? I’d appreciate it.

This shouldn’t cause any issues aside from the warning that pacman doesn’t know where they are from.

This is due to us removing packages that are deprecated or no longer used from our repo or Arch upstream doing the same.

  • archlabs-jgmenu
    jgmenu is now a part of the Arch community repo,
    run pacman -Rs archlabs-jgmenu followed by pacman -S jgmenu

  • pcmciautils is no longer included in the Arch official repos and is an obsolete package

  • archlabs-pacli, archlabs-downgrade, archlabs-package-query, and archlabs-yaourt
    have all been deprecated and removed from the repos due to a lack of development and/or flaws, we offer aurman as our official AUR helper otherwise see the wiki on the matter Follow the same procedure as above and remove them with pacman -Rs and install the archlabs-aurman package, the syntax is near identical to pacman so you should have no issue getting used to it.

This generally won’t happen often and I apologize for the minor issue, when encountering these in the future at least now you know the package just no longer exist where it once did, this has happened with Arch packages in the past as well, the recent removal of ffmpeg2.8 comes to mind.



Thank you for the timely response, and I would’ve offered my thanks sooner, however I recently applied to Lambda School and have been busy in their bootcamp :slight_smile: That clears things up.

@Xase If satisfied with the solution, please mark your title as solved and natemaia’s post as the solution. Thanx

Sorry, forgot to do that, thanks for reminding me. :slight_smile:

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after updating today, I’m with the same problem but with different files
“~~ the following packages are neither in known repos nor in the aur
:: archlabs-ob-autostart-1.0-1
:: archlabs-aurman-2.17.2-1
:: archlabs-homepage-1.2.1-1”

thks in advance

Remove them.

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^ Agreed

Jeeeeebus folks, google that sh*t or read the ArchWikiHooodoo

Help thy self :slight_smile:

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