Pacbang! Is back

In case you want to check out Frede’s minimalist Openbox work… he has reanimated pacbang. Enjoy

I’m downloading and will test it out.


Thx for sharing @manyroads

It is blazing fast and light. Even when run from an old USB stick. :wink:

Very nice: no PulseAudio, grml’s zsh configuration as the default shell and it undercuts SharpBang by ~40MiB (64-bit, 4GiB RAM, QEMU/KVM host).

Carl Duff, that name sounds familiar in the Arch world.

Duff Beer?!

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Could be lol.

I thinking he was the original author of the Architect installer? Not 100% sure.

Did they customise the OpenBox theme?


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Thanks for the heads up @manyroads

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I recommend you look to see what you find @unix_lover

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