Overclock Asus EeePC 1001 (Atom N450)

This is just a little side project for fun.

AL i3 running great on my wife’s old discarded EeePC 1001PX (Atom N450)

I would like to overclock to try to speed up a bit as it is with max RAM (2GB)
Will be careful not to overheat but actually wont be using it for much / much at all
I have seen that in windows its possible to go from 1.67 GHz to 2.1

I have no idea about overclocking but have already got completely lost in the jungle of OC forums etc / seen that most seems to be for Windows

There is no option in BIOS

Can anyone give me some simple pointers / specific links on how to do this?

I know its probably not worth it

Is it even possible?

Loving AL - its my main Linux OS now, and installed on a number of laptops


Without BIOS support There isn’t much you can do, especially on Linux. Plus the gains would be minimal. Try:

and please, report back what you find.

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There’s a BIOS update, Version 1201 :


And you could upgrade the HD to a SSD:

That would definitely help.

You’re already at max RAM.

Let us know.

I don’t see the point of overclocking a netbook. If anything you want to underclock/volt it for more battery life. Because it’s a netbook, not a gaming desktop.

This is a great candidate for OC. Nothing to loose. Have fun.

If it were a daily driver, this would make sense.

I had a netbook and I think I tried to overclock the onboard video as well as the CPU, you’re not gonna see much pop or any difference in performance. Overclocking the CPU, you have a greater chance of toasting the netbook than anything else.

I used tools off of this site, of course that’s when I had the netbook in Windows:

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Thanks. Yup, thats what i gqthered from my recent searches- Netbook not normal for OC, but its just an exercise and i will watch the temp. I use it with charger - Until last week it didnt even have a battery :grin:. The idea is just to give a slight tweak for loading pages on qutebrowser.

Thanks also. I got a little 120gb ssd with the battery last week and put it in. Didnt make as much difference as in my other lappys which i guess is because the Eeepc is cpu not io or ram bound?
I installed corectrl which looks great but only offers me to change to a performance frequency scaling:

CPU: Basic support. It has a control for the frequency scaling governor, a sensor for the package maximum frequency and displays hardware information for each CPU package.”

Not sure if that made any difference.

It took a long time to build :grin:

I have the bios update and will try that. Never done that before - do you have a recomendation for a guide please?


The BIOS update isn’t going to do anything for speed. But since you’ve done everything else…

See this part of this thread: