Overclock Asus EeePC 1001 (Atom N450)

This is just a little side project for fun.

AL i3 running great on my wife’s old discarded EeePC 1001PX (Atom N450)

I would like to overclock to try to speed up a bit as it is with max RAM (2GB)
Will be careful not to overheat but actually wont be using it for much / much at all
I have seen that in windows its possible to go from 1.67 GHz to 2.1

I have no idea about overclocking but have already got completely lost in the jungle of OC forums etc / seen that most seems to be for Windows

There is no option in BIOS

Can anyone give me some simple pointers / specific links on how to do this?

I know its probably not worth it

Is it even possible?

Loving AL - its my main Linux OS now, and installed on a number of laptops


Without BIOS support There isn’t much you can do, especially on Linux. Plus the gains would be minimal. Try:

and please, report back what you find.

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There’s a BIOS update, Version 1201 :


And you could upgrade the HD to a SSD:

That would definitely help.

You’re already at max RAM.

Let us know.

This is a great candidate for OC. Nothing to loose. Have fun.

If it were a daily driver, this would make sense.

Thanks. Yup, thats what i gqthered from my recent searches- Netbook not normal for OC, but its just an exercise and i will watch the temp. I use it with charger - Until last week it didnt even have a battery :grin:. The idea is just to give a slight tweak for loading pages on qutebrowser.

Thanks also. I got a little 120gb ssd with the battery last week and put it in. Didnt make as much difference as in my other lappys which i guess is because the Eeepc is cpu not io or ram bound?
I installed corectrl which looks great but only offers me to change to a performance frequency scaling:

CPU: Basic support. It has a control for the frequency scaling governor, a sensor for the package maximum frequency and displays hardware information for each CPU package.”

Not sure if that made any difference.

It took a long time to build :grin:

I have the bios update and will try that. Never done that before - do you have a recomendation for a guide please?


The BIOS update isn’t going to do anything for speed. But since you’ve done everything else…

See this part of this thread:


Still havent got round to flashing the new Bios on the EeePC, but on my main lappy (ASUS X550 LB) I am using corectrl in my autostart with the password avoidance as per their FAQ’s, and my CPU in ‘performance’ rather than ‘on demand’
seems to make a difference
I am always on charger power

Thanks for the tip @eight_bit_al !

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I just found my Eee PC 1000H in a moving box after 2 years, battery still top. But surfing the internet, and even sons, is really slow and tedious due to the old cpu.

Screen resolution is also very well small and coarse, so the device is not really usable.

It feels like a Raspberry 3 is a race car.

cu, stephan

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I like getting old stuff going again, and its handy for my garage workshop at the moment, doesnt matter if it gets dirty :slight_smile:
I’m still waiting for the chance to buy an 8GB RPi4!

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Oh, you re a DIYfer ! Work on your rides & such !

Some compressed air can clean up that dust in no time ! lol

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I’m an mechanic’s son engineer scientist hybrid - I like to play :rofl:
My favourite tool is an ‘FBH’

I saw a signature the other day that I liked,

‘John Smith is an Engineer, he likes to take things apart to see how they work.
Sometimes he manages to put them back together again’


Lol, hey cool !

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Waiting to see the price on this:


Interesting, looks like a stripped down and affordable version of the board in my Qnap Nasbook.

A nasbook like this is kind of cute/ very compact, like a book, only half the size of my Thinkpad x220.
But I wouldn’t buy it for over 600,
I got it as a present from my son…


The last expensive hardware I bought was an I7 7700k + an Nvidia 1050ti a long time ago.

Since then I have only bought 3 raspberry 3b for 35.- €.
they currently cost over 100.- if you can get them at all (Delivery time approx. 24 weeks)

hard times…

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Yes, its a real pity. I have a dozen or so in various uses and really want to try a 8G RPi 4

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Oh my goodness, you want to spend almost 149 dollars for a small board :slight_smile:
My Raspberry Pi 400 (Made in the UK, in your Neighbourhood? ) I got for 80 euros

Only for the circuit board, my 400 at least still has a housing :slight_smile:

Here you can see quite well how the price has gone through the roof.