Option to customize polybar theme disappeared in 2018.3


Hello people,
as you can see in the screenshot below, in version 2017.12 I had the option of customizing my polybar. I installed yesterday to 2018.3 and this option does not exist. Was it removed? Is there any way to include this menu again in 2018.3? Thank you.


you can install gorice and use it again :smile:


That’s gorice. We removed it in 2018.03 as it was really only added as a bit of fun.


Thank you very much. I will try to install the gorice. But I have a doubt, if I install the 2017 version, updating the system (sudo pacman -Syuu), will it be the same as version 2018? Or the 2018 version has news that is not enough to upgrade to 2017.


If you install an older version you should be able to upgrade to the latest packages,




I have to install go lang to use gorice in archlabs 18.02??tell me please