Opinions on best Linux OS for a Techno-Turnip friend?

I am going to convert (in the Hallelujah sense) one of my best mates to Linux next week when I go back home for a holiday (Woohoo!)

I will try to go XFCE or possibly MATE (I know XFCE and he is such a Tw@t concerning computers he makes my near 80 year old mum look like some sort of NASA tech)

So, I want something solid, reliable and tw@t proof

My mum uses Xubuntu (one of my previous stepping stones to the perfection that is AL , Hallelujah!!!) happily enough

But I also though of Mint XFCE
He wont be able to use forums to work anything out
I will be point of call so will need to sort out reverse VNC like I have with mum
Unfortunately he is one of those people who are as clever as Fook but refuse to understand anything tech

I want him to be converted

Any thoughts?


Usually can’t go wrong with those distros for new users.
If you go with Xubuntu, he and your mum (who I assume you also help) will be on the same distro.


Thanks, that sounds like a good, simple plan

I dunno. I am not entirely convinced an Ubuntu/buntu based distro is the way to go. I do think maybe a more newbie friendly Arch distro such as Endeavour would be the way to go.

All I can say is anyone I have converted to Linux and I have urged them to install a *buntu based distro has hit major issues.

GUI is great for newbies. So is Arch or at least Arch based.



Thanks @Dobbie03
I did ask :rofl:
Thats exactly my dilema - I liked EOS a lot and found it very easy
But, Mum has been using Xubuntu 16.04 for a few years without probs
Maybe I will install both just in case - she has 1TB and uses about 1 GB
Then via VNC I can change boot sequence if needed I guess
I will take Windows (XP?) off anyway

For my mate, not so sure, perhaps the same

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I have to say that being introduced into Linux with Ubuntu was great until I got into Arch.

Now that I have experienced Arch - I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self to start with Arch instead


I’ve seen it a gazillion times @leigh … we’ve all attempted to be that one saint. :melting_face:


Personally, I’d recommend against Ubuntu. Keep it simple & remember that X/Lubuntu will have an update requirement at some point in time.

It really doesn’t matter the distro, but the DE. Stick to a simple, mature codebase & DE-specific included programs.

Fedora is a solid base & I do like @Dobbie03 suggestion for EndeavorOS as a rolling release spin is no more or less reliable than a static release when you’ve selected a mature DE environment like Xfce. LXQT isn’t a bad option.


I would go with Xubuntu or Mint xfce

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Thanks all
After some thought and just jumping down to one side of the fence or other
It’s definitely gonna be XFCE - mum knows it and I do and I like it
For mum - Xubuntu with Eos installed on another partition
For my mate - Xubuntu

I could easily have chosen otherwise, but its a bit half a dozen of one and six of 'tother

Thanks for input - very helpful, as ever!

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or maybe EoS for my mate …

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That is what I had planned for my mum
But now I am confused as her computer is my old one from years ago and it has XP on it and I am now vaguely remembering that back then I had to make an extended partition to get enough partitions on it (it seems 4 is the max)
I cant remember exactly why but I think its the underlying structure of the disk format?
Anyway, there is no UEFI partition, just a 50GB partition for XP:

Then the Extended partition that has her DATA (779 GiB) on it, her old Xubuntu (39 GiB) a 4 GiB swap and a new 48GiB ext4 ready for Xubuntu 10.04.
So plenty of space :slight_smile:

Can I now just delete everything, reformat the disk to a newer structure (I’m sorry I cant remember what thats called - just searched and its MBR vs GPT?) and start again? thats what I’d like to do.
I have already copied all her data and home files etc to an external disk.

The computer is 32 bit and 64 bit compatible although 'tis old



so I have to check if the motherboard supports GPT?

You can overwrite the whole thing, when you get to the partitioning section it will give you the option. Just double check everything is backed up!! :smiley:

I set my Ma up on her crappy old Lenovo with AL and LXDE. I really need to update her laptop too…shit. It’s been about 8 months lol.

P.S. I am the worst person to ask about partitioning by the way. Partitioning is my Achilles heel!!

I am wondering if I will do anything for my mate - I have only one week here and it could get complicated. I will wait till I come back for a longer time
So good to be back home :grin: :england: :uk:

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If they are computer literate and understand the importance of updates and can handle a GUI why not try something like Endeavour?

Welcome home. There is no place like home, am I right?

:rofl: Unfortunately not

I will concentrate on getting mum sorted and spend my time doing other stuff
I will check out his computer when back to see how it is set up and make a plan

-Today off to see my daughter’s first teacher to show her what she helped do with giving her the best start in education possible, and then a quick sail today :grin:

Actually my old desktop that my mum has is quite cool - I think when she finally gets a new one (prob 2nd hand lappy) I will take it back and put in a new motherboard as my first ever build a computer project

Yup, for sure :+1: but to visit is the best solution - ‘the past is a different country’ is so true

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Hmmmmm, personally I would quietly back away :smiley: Something similar to this:

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Sounds like fun!!

Wise words.

Also wise words
My mate is a panel beater and sprayer - one of the best
He also fixes old Alphas and is one of the sharpest guys I know
He went to uni at 45 and got a first (I know Unis arent what they used to be, but …)
But he is a complete tw@t when it comes to computers
He just doesnt WANT to know

But - I am just soooo tempted to do it anyway :rofl:

Unfortunately you need to know in this day and age, Ignorance isn’t bliss.

Walk away my friend, walk away…you know this may not work out for the better.

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