openSUSE Tumbleweed team changes its mind about x86-64-v2


Is it fair to say that, although everyone always mentions Linux to be bleeding edge, there is just about almost as big of a group of users that keeps holding it back? I’d say yes. We are talking here about the bleeding edge product (and I am a big fan as many of you know) and users still moan and groan because 32 bits wouldn’t be supported anymore? Yeah, Tumbleweed on your DOS box, cool, at least the green resembles the CGA screens. And still running that 32-bit assembler? Probably.


Using cutting edge OS/software on old hardware is not a good idea. The optimization used when building and the “new” features included are NOT for your hardware at all. In openSuse’s case, they could make Tumbleweed x86-64-v2, continue to support x86-64 in Leap, and make 32 bit version a community release.


Exactly my idea as well