Openbox: winner of Window Manager of 2020 on

A couple of months back I was looking for some old #! wallpaper, and saw a load of desktops from when #! was hot, and what people were doing with Openbox then was dope. People over at Unixporn are doing great things with it. The project may be abandoned, but you couldn’t tell with what people are still doing with it.

There’s 2 schools of thought when a project doesn’t get commits for years at a time “it’s abandoned” or it’s “feature complete”. I shouldn’t have said openbox was abandoned It’s really in the feature complete category. But my brain defaults to abandoned always because I use this stuff for work etc and I’m concerned with security. Is a WM not getting updates for a few years a security risk? I don’t know. I’m not at all a security expert. I usually just let the smart guys fix it and I try to give them feedback on what’s working etc.


“feature complete”. A perfect description of Openbox. :grin:

Well, I do not know, maybe it is time to find myself a fallback wm, or I could just use Xfce if things go completely bonkers. I could give myself that as some kind of task project?

No, no one mentioned “the unspeakable” . :wink:

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dude xfce 4.14 -16 is solid, it’s my fallback next to natemaias dk