Openbox user question?

Have any of you openbox types tried using this? It looks “interesting”.

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I never used tiling in Openbox, never saw the point until I got stuck on i3.

Never heard of this before, not much of a tiling guy.

Some people might be interested.

I really like tiling (bspwm is my favorite). I like everything about OB except the lack of a tiling option. I may try to see if zentile works with OB. zentile works splendidly with xfce. :wink:

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Tried it a while back (or maybe something similar). Interesting, but IMO it gets to a point where the user should switch to a tiling window manager.

Have you ever set up bspwm to be the window manager for Xfce desktop session? Actually a pretty good setup, doesn’t hog resources.

Sorry to detail the thread a bit

No problem. I actually use the xfce infrastructure (xfce4 tools minus xfwm, desktop, panel) to support my bspwm setup. I’m a fan of thunar, the power tools, etc.

Hi ata all.
But I read what it takes:
where can I find it?!