Openbox theme (AL-raven)


If someone of you is interested in “AL-Raven” theme(Openbox3), here is the themerc:

For the Window buttons you can use the buttons from "ArchLabs-dARK.

And it looks like this: August 2018 Screenshot Thread

Custom ArchLabs Scrots
August 2018 Screenshot Thread

@subjunkie , thx for sharing mate, nice install in there.


Nice, thanks for the share @subjunkie :slight_smile: I suppose you could create an archive with the entire theme folder within it and share using dropbox or drive.


Which theme originally provided the window buttons? If they’re from ArchLabs-darK, users will already have them and just copy them over to the new theme folder (a nice aspect of obenbox). Otherwise, they can get the buttons from the original theme source.


Ah yes. Good idea! The window buttons are from ArchLabs-dARK. I edit my original post. Thank you.


Thank you. I will try dropbox for future ideas. I forgot that dropbox also exist.


sevenday4 want! I like this dark theme! Excellent work @subjunkie.:smiley:


Thank you sevenday4!!


Wow that is nice @subjunkie.

Thank you for sharing.


Holy crap thats nice mate.


Thank you. (Sorry for the late reply. I was in Hospital)


Hope it s ok now for you @subjunkie


Yes, it is OK .(Lost my Transplant.(Kidney) )Now on dialysis.I try to start new. Again… Life Sux, but it is fun!


Glad you re ok, hope for the best in there @subjunkie .


Nice words. Thanks.


I’ll keep you in my prayers @subjunkie. I’m sorry that the transplant failed. But you never know, the perfect one may show itself surely. And you don’t need to apologize. I knew quite a few individuals who were on dialysis, my uncle being one of them, where it make you tired and that you’re there pretty much every other day. Just stay strong mentally, you’ll get through this.


Thinking about it, since you re on dialiyis, are you diabetic also @subjunkie !

I happen to be diabetic & some are on dialysis, luckily & don t have any, one of the rare lucky strick that I have on my side.

Edit: as @sevenday4 wrote above, no need to be sorry, you have some way more important stuff going on.


@subjunkie Will be thinking of you, you’ve got friends here and if you ever need one to talk to, pm anyone of us… anytime :slight_smile:


@sevenday4 @Glenn @altman Hey… these words are so kindly that i could cry. Damn. Thank you very very very much. The people here in the forum are really a great community. Glad to be a part of it.


@subjunkie we’re glad that you are here as well. It takes a lot of courage to stand up to the fight of survival. Just take one day at a time. Some have greater trials than others, and it makes you a stronger person.