Openbox system tray? Where?

I just installed Archlabs with Openbox and I was wondering where the system tray is located. I think Stalonetray was used but I don’t see where to enable a system tray. Or is it hidden somewhere? TIA. Mike

I just shared my poly bar config here…

Be sure that trayer isn’t running or it won’t show up.

You have an option between polybar and tint2. access them in menu under ‘Change Panel/Dock’

If you’re using polybar but want other indicators, you’ll have to install trayer and add it to autostart as I don’t believe it’s included with the latest releases.

If you decide to use tint2, you’ll have to comment out trayer in autostart, as only one system tray can run at once as @TimApple has said.

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Thanks! I stuck with polybar and added the battery module. Pretty nice the menu to everything.

No problem, please mark your thread as solved so others may find it easier.