Openbox setup

Lately as the world has become unglued :bagoverhead: , I have been working a bit on improving my Openbox & bspwm skills. Recenttly I have been setting things up to run on MX and arch based platforms (esp. manjaro). Given I have made some pretty good progress (by my definition) I thought I’d share my current Openbox layout. btw. I apologize that I have not done this yet with ArchLabs. The tools I am using include:

  1. tint2 to track and manage Workspaces visually as well as my system tray. You’ll note apps running on some of my 10 workspaces… apps are set to open magically on designated workspaces.
  2. conky to track resource and space usage.
  3. jgmenu because it is ‘slick’ and fits nicely on tint2 for easy application access; btw. I, also, use rofi as a tool to access app from my F1 key.
  4. pyWal to dynamically recolor toolbars, terminals, etc. and change wallpapers
  5. zenity & yad are used to manage and present various dialogs (an online help dialog is shown on one of the images).

When I have bspwm ‘up to snuff’ I’ll place a write-up here somewhere. Details on how-to to build these (as well as access to the relevant dotfiles for those who are interested), will be available from my website.


No need, you won’t upset any here if you don’t use AL.

Everything looks very nice. One suggestion though, in the Rofi, I’d change the selected font foreground to a white, something like #fffefe. Other than that it looks most excellent.


Top @manyroads .

Knowledge is power right ! Gotta learn something new every day. Nice updates.

Guess that thread shoud be in the Basic Section or Configs or something alike.

Keep it on.


Nice set up.

Do you have to use both? You may be able to use just the one application. There is nice yad hacking thread on the BunsenLab forum; Misko is good people if you need some ideas.

Very true @PackRat

I use both because of where I’ve stolen useful code. (Opensource…) :partying_face: You are correct though, I should probably just use one. :innocent:

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:roll_eyes: You don’t steal Open Source you Borrow it.

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Yes I recall from my school days… “plagiarism the world’s most sincere form of flattery” :sweat_smile:

Hello all esp. @Dobbie03 @altman I have finally built and am running an Archlabs setup with Openbox (image provided) and bspwm (still being tweaked).

Wahoo!!! :innocent:

The desktop shows conky… tint2 (panel), glava (sound display), nnn (file manager), neofetch, mocp … the setup also employs rofi, jgmenu,and more…


Wow, looks great @manyroads .

Nice install in there& tweakings

That looks really good. I shared it to our Reddit page.

Good idea.

I posted the link on the Reddit Openbox page…

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Yes sir.