Openbox Scaling Problem

Hi, I’m using Arch and only Openbox. No desktop environment. Everything is going very well for me right now, but I have a problem. I am having a resolution problem. Because my screen size is 2160x1440px everything looks very small. I want to rearrange the scaling settings, fonts, and icon sizes. I need help as I am very new to Xandr. Are there any resources you can recommend to me? Or can you briefly talk about what I should do? If I don’t manage to edit it, I’ll have to switch to KDE.

Wonder if you have LXAppearance installed, might solve your issues.


Maybe this?


Also, might help if you post the hardware used in ordder to know if you have the good firmware installed.

The ArchWiki has an entire page devoted to this: HiDPI - ArchWiki

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I tried this method but failed. I could not write data to file. I’m at work right now and I’ll try again later. Thanks for all the replies, I’ll try them all today.

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Search this forum for “font scaling”. It’s a recurring issue; several threads with solutions.

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