Openbox Polybar wireless-network module

I can’t get the wireless-network module to show up on the bar. I am using the correct interface too. TIA Mike

What info were you trying to show? The Arch build of polybar is built without network support so the native modules are not much use.

There are some other threads about it.

display IP address?

OK, I read that thread. But in my opinion to not have network support for the status bar is really odd. Of all things to not include the network, really?

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@loonymike Alright, let’s back up a second. You turn on your box and you’ve got no ‘android’ looking wifi icon in polybar? Am I understanding your question correctly?

Not on my AL install right now , but it was on the upper right. Unless it got dropped somehow.

No. I see that icon and it leads to their script. What I want to use instead of is the native ploybar network module which is not supported in the archlabs version. I would like to see IP, download speed, and some other stuff. It’s no big deal I can just recompile the bar.


Oh ok, I mostly use what s installed already, but most of the times I also like to make some changes .

Hope it will be ok on your end.

@loonymike Ok, fair enough.

@altman, your network module isn’t working?

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It s alright on my end, I was just stating it like that so to speak.

Thx for concerns anyways mate.

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I read something a while back - seems the coding for that module was considered a security risk.

I don’t think there is anything like “polybar-complete” in the AUR, but you can check. Otherwise, polybar compiles fairly easy - there are helper scripts - if you want to go that route.

I just made a conky. So I will mark this solved. Thanks!

The network module is (should be) supported in our provided package, please post the output when running polybar from a terminal, if it needs to be rebuilt ill get it tonight.

My guess is it doesn’t and is simply mis-configured, please post the module config section.