Openbox Patched

Anyone here use Openbox-Patched (with the rounded corners)?

I do Matt :slight_smile:

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Sweet, any idea how to get the padding back on the obmenu? For me its all messed up. One side literally has no padding but the other side is set to the width in themerc.

Hmm, I’ve never experienced that issue. Does it only happen with that particular theme? Post a scrot if you can and I’ll have a look first thing in the morning.

Thanks Glenn, I have returned to stand OB for now. WIll try again in the future.

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I’m sorry man, it’s a ridiculously busy time of the year… Thinking about it though, I do remember having an issue that sounds roughly like you described… Turned out to be a ‘shadow’ setting in compton.conf and seemed to throw everything to one side in ob menu. If you give patched a go again, turn off compositing to see if it changes anything.

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Will do, thanks for the hint.