Openbox obsetlayout tip (or warning!)

Hi there again!

I found a solution to a long-lived (rather small) problem today!

I have my (home) vacation now and then I like to play some old games! I use wine for that. One of my favorites is Wolfenstein3d (yes I am an oldie!)
When I turn the game off, I would have just 1/4 of the workspace and rest is black. Irritating but not a big problem. (just log out and in again!).
I could not find a solution so I got used to it!
Today I was looking through small apps suitable for Openbox and decided to try a small app called Obsetlayout. No wiki and the only instructions were on Openbox-pages and they were to set the layout 0 2 2 0 (in a terminal-obsetlayout-“The first is layout, 0 is horizontal and 1 is vertical.
Second and third is number of desks horizontally and vertically.
The last is starting corner, 0 = topleft, 1 = topright,
2 = bottomright, 3 = bottomleft”

I did set it 0 2 2 0 and there were no difference. I tried 0 4 0 0 and my problem was solved!

A sunny story for a sunday!


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